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Measuring dynamic movement

Moiré Tell Tales can be recorded in video easily. This provides a very quick overview of movement which might provide useful information. The video can be reviewed at reduced (or accelerated) playback rate and archived for future reference.

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Measuring long term movement

Moiré Tell Tales can be left in place for long periods. Long term movement can then be monitored simply by occasional recording using a camera or mobile phone.

Compared with other means of long term crack monitoring, Moiré Tell Tales have some significant advantages.

  • Read movements of as little as 0.1mm in two directions.
  • No additional equipment required to read the tell tale. Only a standard camera is needed to make a record.
  • Readings of a correctly installed Moiré Tell Tale are not sensitive to the technique of the person recording.
  • Records can be made from considerable distances.
  • Dynamic response can be monitored using the same simple device as long term trend.

Each Moiré Tell Tale has a unique ID, encoded in a QR Code (a type of 2D bar code). Photographs of Moiré Tell Tales can be filed automatically by searching images for these codes. 


Monitoring movement in difficult to access locations

Because Moiré Tell Tales indicate movement by means of a bold pattern, they can be photographed from considerable distances. A long telephoto lens will allow recording from some tens of metres. Even greater distances can be achieved by attaching a camera to a telescope using a digiscoping adaptor.

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